Looking for something different?
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Studying your environment, finding you the best employees through our OneOfYou program, and new TalentMatch system. 

Talenterz is an IT recruiting company. It is different from anything else you've ever experienced.  Our Managers get a job description, send it out to one of our Senior IT Recruiters, the "Hunt for Talent" begins, once the candidate is found, they are sent to you. No headaches, no waste of time, no mis-placements. Our ultimate goal is to find the best IT professionals out there, and get them to work for you without wasting your valuable time.  In a recent study, Talenterz found that over 65% of hiring managers that use IT recruiting agencies to find their employees, use these agencies to save time and effort.   We believe that it is crucial that any "Job post" that we get has to be fulfilled without wasting the employer's time at all.  For this reason, We have developed the Talenterz OneOfYou program. The OneOfYou program is a program in which Talenterz sends out a Recruiting consultant to your company. The consultant comes to work at your company-just like your other employees- for a period of time, and studies your working environment, employees, management approach. He/She will get to know who your top-performing employees are, and why they are so. Then Talenterz will create a profile for your company in our TalentMatch system, and find all the IT professionals that fit your environment. We, then look at the job description, and find the best fit for that. In the end, our system points to one candidate, and it is amazing how accurate this is.

We want to become your hiring agency. We want to prove to you that we can actually eliminate your interviewing process, and find you better fitting employees at the same time. It's time for something new. Try Talenterz. 

Our philosophy
Because we believe we are all different, and have different Talents, we believe that we must customize everything. Not all IT professionals are the same, and not all companies or working environments are the same either.  Talenterz is here to help find you find the employee that YOUR company needs. We perform our own studies and analysis of your company's needs, then we determine who we should send to you based on our TalentMatch system! We always promise that you'll LOVE your new employee. 

Our commitment to results
Simply put, when you succeed, we succeed. An employer/hiring manager/HR agent who is happy with our service is what we aim for. when we get the best people in the market to work for you, you'll love us, and will probably tell your co-workers about our great services.  We want that, and so that's why we invest whatever resources are needed to make sure that the end result is that you are happy. Fully happy. 

Our experience
At Talenterz, we believe that experience is very important, and that's why our team consists of some of the best IT recruiters in the nation.  They are all dedicated to finding you the "perfect" employee.