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Defining your Talent, and Utilizing it. 

Talenterz is a very unique IT recruiting company. We don't treat you as a number or a resume. We actually take the time to know who you are,  learn about your needs,  habits,  culture, strengths, weaknesses,  soft and technical skills.  Our professional Career-Coaches will sit down with you and help you define your Talents. They will literally study you, and analyze your skill-sets. They will come up with a conclusion, and hand it directly to you. From there,  our Senior IT recruiters will help you utilize those Talents. Our team will make sure to place you in a job that is relevant to your strengths, and passion. 

Many of the IT professionals that we work with on a daily basis are initially under the impression that "work is not supposed to be fun." We're here to prove that wrong.  In fact,  of all IT professionals we've placed in positions in the last 2 years, 86% have reported that they are at least 3X as happy as they were at their previous positions. 

Our philosophy
Because we believe we are all different, and have different Talents, we believe that we must customize everything. Not all IT professionals are the same, and so Talenterz is here to help place YOU in YOUR dream job. We listen to you until we think "Aha, I know exactly where you belong!", and we always promise that you'll LOVE your new job. 

Our commitment to results
Look, when we place you in a job that you LOVE, you'll do your best at it, and when you do your best at your job, your employer will love you, and as a direct result of that, they will love us.  We want that, and so that's why we invest whatever resources are needed to make sure that the end result is that you are happy. Fully happy. 

Our experience
At Talenterz, we believe that experience is very important, and that's why our team consists of some of the best IT recruiters in the nation. Some of them with over 15 years of experience in the IT recruiting business. They are all dedicated to finding you your dream job.